So I finally got to check out Rhapsody, a clothing, gift and home goods store on 11th and Division that opened at the beginning of June. The first thing I noticed was how beautifully curated the store is, which makes sense since owner Zanita Zody comes from a family of artists, and wants the experience of shopping there to be "like visiting an artist's studio, (where customers) can experience the colors, textures and nuances that the store has to offer." This is reflected in everything from the urban-bohemian merchandise to the rustic wood furniture, and even the hang tags, with musical notations printed on the backs (you kinda have to see them to get how cool they are).

The merchandise mix includes some great picks from major brands like Sanctuary and Seven for all Mankind, but my favorites were (surprise) some of the one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces from labels like Tarte which has an emerald-green dress that was made from a re-purposed vintage chemise, and Chemical Wedding, a Seattle based label that does some really rad bags out of upcycled leather. There's also some beautiful jewelry by Portland's own Sahlia, who works out of the same building.

Anyway a picture's worth a thousand words so check it:

Tarte vintage chemise dress
  • Tarte vintage chemise dress

Chemical Wedding upcycled leather bag
  • Chemical Wedding upcycled leather bag

  • Sanctuary

Sahlia jewelry
  • Sahlia jewelry