So did August just fly by or what? Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the sunny days, but I wouldn’t be a Northwest girl if I couldn’t wait to get into my chunky sweaters, fall boots, and loads of layers. Lucky for me, the Ms. Wood fall/winter 2012 collection is now available for purchase. I can’t get enough of her figure flattering staples like the Aki dress, Kokeshi dress, and loads of amazing accessories. Now if I only had an event fabulous enough to wear the 1000 cranes sequined dress of my red-carpet dreams to. One of the best investments in my wardrobe has been her Large Leather Carryall bag. I get asked more about this bag than anything else in my closet! It’s held up so well over the past two years it still looks brand new. If you’re in the market for a school/work bag, this guy holds literally everything. Check out the rest of my faves from the Ms. Wood fall collection below, and scope the entire shop here.

Aki Dress

Kokeshi Dress

1000 Cranes Sequined Maxi Dress
  • Ms. Wood
  • 1000 Cranes Sequined Maxi Dress

A bevy of bags

Best bag EVER!