Layoffs Hit Portland's Art Institute, Communication Apparently Fails


I think it may have something to do with this:…

I know more people than not with crippling student loan debt that is sometimes more than their rent. Private loan companies were pushed, as were $500+ mandatory art kits (it took me a month to get it off my bill since I didn’t buy one in 2002). I’ve also heard (no one would back up hard data) that the completion rate of the AI Apparel program is only about 30%. Which seems about correct based on student body of peers at my start to finish of the program.

To enter the program I didn't even need to show them anything I had ever made or anything other than a small sketch book from a drawing class at PCC. If you could get a student loan you were in!

That being said I got a good education out of there, and there are some fantastic staff. Without them the program will not be a success, so to cut the heads of a department seems odd. I was a student when both Bonde and Risner came on staff and they have both made the program what it is today.
Wow......I also got my BS in Apparel Design in '08. I simply can't imagine that department will survive the ousting of Bonde and Risner. They ARE that department! That school has some incredible teachers in many departments. To cut the most senior teachers is suicide. As for the students, my heart bleeds for you. We always have to plan so far ahead with our classes because of the way the degree plan is set up. This action leaves you dangling out there in the wind, increasing your loan load taking classes that are simply ' available ' vs. the classes that you planned on and were excited about taking BECAUSE of the teacher teaching it.

Major SNAFU for Ai!
This is the first confirmation about Sue Bonde's status!
This is the worst news to hit AI Portland, as a former student of both Melanie and Sue's this is absolutely ridiculous and will severely damage the Fashion Program. I am ashamed of AI's actions and could not be more outraged. Sue and Melanie gave everything they had to that program and have significantly impacted my life, as well as many of my friends lives. This is a sad, sad day.
I don't know Sue Bonde's status and I'm not sure about Melanie Risner's either. But I will say that to not keep the pair on in the capacity they held prior to this apparent restructuring is foolish. Goldman Sachs had two individuals working above and beyond, insuring every student, graduate and alumni had the best opportunities. And to reference the letter, yes, while the countries economy has presented challenges to many companies in the states, AiPd turned a profit last year , the year before that, and the year before that. In fact the campus has not seen a negative year in almost a decade. This is public record if anyone should want to confirm the assertion. So all this restructuring is in my view, purely penny pinching at the expense and due to a lack of respect for the schools employees.
While I have no love of Sue Bonde, Melanie Risner was perhaps one of the best teachers I have ever had in that apparel program, and while I was never fond of her personality, I found her completely above and beyond as a teacher. Sue Bonde was more a politician than I liked and often had insight that I found to be of bad taste, however she created opportunities and put together programs that helped a great many of the fashion students reach a wider audience and their highest potential. By removing even just one of these two from the program will weaken the whole program if the intent is to not replace them with some one of even a higher caliber. All I can hope is that Aurthur Harold will still be there, because with out him AND SB, MR the whole program may as well disappear because nothing will be coming out of it worth a damn.
What would they do without Arthur? I mean I find it APPALLING the lack of people able to make a pattern in the apparel industry.