Well what do you know, there's an underwear line dedicated to Portland. It seems PACT, an underwear label commited to environmental and social responsibility (shockingly uncommon outside our Pacific NW bubble) was completely taken by the style and energy here, so they created a mini-collection in flannel plaid, inspired by the city. As they explain on their website:

PACT admits to a love affair with Portland. The hippest city on the left coast, this is one place that embraces good. It boasts the most bike lanes of any city in the US, and just try to find a cup of coffee that isn't organic and fair trade.

*Groan* are you gonna say something about the dream of the '90's now? Seriously though, proceeds from sales of the collection go JOIN, an organization that helps homeless families transfer into permanent housing. With this collection they are focusing on helping four families with the process (got nothing bitchy to say about that).