I'm generally of the mind that preparing to celebrate a holiday that comes EVERY YEAR is inappropriate more than, say, three weeks before the actual holiday. Valentine's Day candy in stores on New Year's, Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving has even landed... these are all things that make me roll my eyes (I know, first world problems). But the Oregon Children's Theatre Costume Sale going on this Saturday might make me cave and buy my halloween costume shockingly early for once... especially since they promise whiskey and cupcakes at the sale's kickoff party tonight. Funky old costumes for kids and adults and vintage clothing for cheap, Big Bottom Whiskey pours, and treats from Cupcake Jones starting at 5:30 tonight - $10 advance tickets, $20 at the door, or you can wait til tomorrow's official sale from 10 am to 3 pm which has no cover (or cupcakes).

Just imagine what the Oregon Children's Theatre has been hiding backstage... you might have to get your haul cleaned a few times (actors sweat a lot) but it might be worth it.

What if the costumes from Alice: The Rock Opera are for sale?!
  • Owen Carey
  • What if the costumes from Alice: The Rock Opera are for sale?!

The sale will be held at the Oregon Children’s Theatre Studios at 1939 NE Sandy.