Druggie, beauty maven, bulimic, undoubtedly talented writer? I’m going with all of the above. I first discovered Cat on my trusty source for all breaking news stories, Radar Online, but she has been the talk of the Tabs/Blogosphere for a minute now. All jokes aside, this is one interesting bitch. After being asked to leave/get clean at her beauty editor position at xoJane.com Ms. Marnell now writes a column for Vice called AMPHETAMINE LOGIC, chronicling her drug use among other interesting tid-bits. Words can’t even come close to describing her scandalous posts on both xoJane and Vice, including which lipsticks have the best coverage for s’ing the d, which false lashes will stay on during a three day bender, and hair tips like “Gonna Wash that Angel Dust Right Outta My Hair.” Outlandish? Obvi. Entertaining? Hell yes.

Here’s a little taste of her style:

VICE: Why write about drugs and beauty the way you do?

Cat Marnell: First of all, with beauty I knew I would get a response just by being myself because beauty is so square. Obviously, I could just write it straight and I could write that in my sleep. "The Lip Gloss Round Up!" It’s stupid. I just hated it. It’s so boring. “Master the Disheveled Pony Tail!” You don’t even really write them, you just get the quotes from the hair stylist and then you plug in a product. But when you write “Lipstick That Won’t Come Off on a Dick,” you get a response.

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