The big fashion weeks of the world have come and gone, but fashion week in Portland is just gearing up and will happen next week. I have worked behind the scenes producing fashion shows for almost a decade, and honestly I think it's more fun backstage than it is in the audience. The months of hard work and planning culminate into a few minutes of excitement and drama like no other experience.

Of course there are shows that depict what it's like backstage at a fashion show, and with cameras everywhere I think everyone has seen the backstage goings-on of real fashion shows. There has not, however, been a personal depiction actually seeing it through the eyes of a designer, a producer, a make-up artist, an assistant, even a model, until now.

With the help of those Google Glasses that I wrote about a while ago, Diane Furstenberg shows us what it's like to plan and execute a fashion show. I have to admit the people in the video are a little calmer than I expected. Maybe there was not any drama with her show, or more likely, it was edited out. Either way I love this video. Take a look and you will experience what will pretty much be my life next week.