Vintage vs. Faux: Is Fur Ever Fair to Wear?


I'm with you, but it's hard to tell if it is vintage or not. I was given some very nice fur pieces from my great aunt before she passed several years ago, and could never bring myself to wear them since I found them disgusting to touch.

Even though they were vintage and most likely worth $$ I ended up donating them to the Buffalo Exchange fur collection they do. It helps baby seals, and I'm not creeped out by what is in my closet.
Ditto for me. I have two fur collars, one that I inherited from my grandmother, the other thrifted for me by my in-laws—I consider those fair game (no pun intended). I've been in and out of various food profiles my whole life (mostly veggie/vegan, currently pescetarian) but have always worn leather.

About five years ago I gave up worrying about being ideologically consistent and gave myself permission to live according to my own comfort levels rather than my ability to justify my lifestyle to someone else. Life's not that black and white. On the other hand, anyone who buys fur from those Chinese farms in the PETA videos deserves to burn in the eternal flames of hell (pretty sure the people who work there are already in hell). That's just how I feel.
I wear vintage fur and do not think there is anything wrong with it. Why waste a perfectly good garment that was made 50 years ago? The materials have been used and someone took the time to make it all those years ago. When it inevitably falls apart, as fur does, then the best place for it is the donation pile to a charity that gives them to baby animals, like the Buffalo Exchange drive.

I think new fur is deplorable and only acceptable if the animal killed was done so in a humane way and is used for it's meat and other parts. I really hate saying that but it's the lesser of two evils. I too have been vegan/vegetarian and now eat meat when I need it, but still experience my ethical dilemmas. Yes, my body does need animal protein, and others are the same way, but does anyone really NEED a new fur coat? Most likely not. This discussion could go on for days. I think the main thing to consider is if what is being worn sustainable and necessary or not.