Last night was the opening reception for In The Flower Months, Emily Katz's new art exhibition at the Breeze Block Gallery, previously mentioned here. The work, which inspired a fashion collection that Katz will show at the gallery on the 17th, consists of intricate embroideries laid on tulle, inspired by the dream poems of Jeevan Singh. The often semi-abstract imagery depicts a variety of subjects including florals, paint brushes in a jar and a figure sitting in front of a TV.

The delicacy of the work, as well as the level of sheer creativity, are great reminders of how Katz became such an important figure in the local art and fashion scenes, and why we should be excited about her return. Subtle details like the shadows caste by the thread used were incorporated into each piece, adding a level of depth and sophistication to the work. Katz herself wore a dress from the upcoming collection, demonstrating how perfectly the imagery will fit into her fashion aesthetic.

Because of the delicate nature of the work, it was pretty difficult to take photos that do any of it justice, so you should really go see the exhibition for yourself, it will be there all month. That being said, here are my pics: