My cards!

Solestruck’s latest pop-up party featured super cool line Sugarhigh + Lovestoned, flaming shots of absinthe a flowin’, as well as Psychic Siamese Terror doing tarot readings. I love a good Solestruck party, but this one was exceptional due to the incredible duo known as Psychic Siamese Terror. I was having a bit of a bad day and just wanted to pop in to say hi, but ended up staying and having my cards read by Alana, a gypsy goddess covered in crystals and the ability to make you feel like you’ve known her forever. Alright, let’s get down to biz... the card reading was amazing: first she had me meditate for a moment on what I wanted to ask my cards (but not tell her what I was asking), then I shuffled them back and forth a few times, then she laid them across the candle-covered tabletop. Next, she instructed me to pick out five cards depending on which ones felt “hot” or had energy behind them. Within minutes she was telling me exactly what I had meditated about. Alana gave me constructive and precise advice, as well as opened my mind to what I could improve upon. I was still buzzin’ upon arriving home, so naturally I googled all of the cards I’d drawn and scoured the world wide web to learn more. Long story short, go see Alana or Suzy—they are fucking awesome, and even if you don’t “believe,” these babes are sure to brighten up any shindig or girls' night. More info on booking and services here.