I recently visited my old college town, Vancouver BC, where a significant margin of the population dresses like this:

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"East Van" is a little more hipster, and more closely resembles Southeast Portland (except they're a little more ennui about it).

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Whether you're getting your morning cup of coffee on Main street, or going to a house party in south Granville, everyone looks like they fell out of a black-and-white spring issue of Vogue. Fashion is even more important to them than affordable craft beer (I know, what?). Though most of us would probably prefer a good sour beer than the perfect, yet costly, pair of eggplant jeans, we could still take a page from the Vancouver style book (while we sip our Ninkasi).

Here are some of my favorite Vancouver looks that are totally Portland do-able:

Stupidly simple, yet great. I love a good androgynous look, but with that tiny bit of flair that reminds everyone who wears the vagina around here.

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I wouldn't normally wear something like this, but I love her color combination. In the winter all I want to wear is something oversized with some toasty leggings. Jen Tam reinvented this wheel, and even took it up a notch.

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As far as men's looks go, you can't go wrong with this one (minus the necklace). This type of clean denim button-up with a blazer would even look good on Dick Cheney. I saw a lot of men wearing various shades of pants all around Vancouver, each looking hotter than the next. In these dreary months, we could all use that extra slap of "colour."