Blink and you missed it, but earlier this year a little shop called Victory opened on the back side, up the stairs in the 811 E Burnside building. Now they're moving out to a more visible spot next to Grendel's at 729 E Burnside #105, with a re-opening scheduled for February 8, further fortifying E Burnside as one of the east side's most vital retail corridors.

  • Victory

They are using an approach popular with small boutiques, mixing in moderately priced new merchandise with vintage, some off the beaten path apothecary finds, and miscellaneous charmers like stamp sets. It's a smart concept, in that while Portland has a terrific scene for relatively high-end (not like Chanel, but like Rachel Comey-high) boutiques, the mid-price market—outside of the long-thriving vintage scene—is relatively small, which is why so many of my friends who would prefer to shop local are still sheepishly admitting that their new skirt/jacket/tights came from H&M. Jesus Christ Portland loves an H&M. Anyhow, moving on: