The mainstream popularity of moccasins that comes and goes is definitely in its "going" stage, but making your own pair is pretty baller, regardless of the trend forecast. Plus these are beautifully made—check out the crazy combination and real, durable sole at right especially:

Halo Shoes—which in addition to being one of the better shoe sources in town has taken up a commendable interest in teaching the public about various forms of leather crafting—is hosting two weekend workshops next month where you can sign up to make a pair of your very own, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment for one weekend and a roomful of n00bs. Leading the process is Daniel McRorie:

Daniel McRorie is the founder of Rickard Guy New York, an artist/craftsman workshop with a focus on making footwear from design to finish. Thirteen years ago Daniel began his shoe making career as a cobbler repairing shoes. Part of the journey aside from in shop work involved working as an orthic technician at an orthotic and prosthetic clinic, a wholesale picker at a shoe findings warehouse, and various positions along the line at a factory making cowboy boots and ropers. Daniel's education has come almost entirely on the job and he has been fortunate to work with and learn from some very talented craftsmen beginning with a cobbler named Ross Mcwiggin. Believing that learning never ends, he has recently taken cemented construction and hand sewn welt construction from Hungarian master shoemaker Marcell Mrsan.

Express lane to shoe making this may be, it is not for the casual: It costs $525 to attend, on either March 16 & 17 or 23 & 24 (10 am-6 pm). But think about it this way: That's about what a really nice pair of shoes costs.