Gal-entine’s for your besties:

Naughty Valentine’s Day Cards, a la artist and one of my besties, Maya Dahlgreen (I hope mine is the boobs one!). Even if you can barely draw stick figures like me, it’s always the thought that counts.

pdx black lipstick in Purple Cloud

Portland Black Lipstick, the crazier the color the better! I’m obsessed with vampy undead red, and lovely lilac purple cloud. Pick em’ up locally and last minute at Backtalk Pdx, or (from me at) Yo Vintage!

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Wine, lots and lots of wine. I like Cork near my house on Alberta. They stock over 100 bottle for under $20 bucks. #Winning.

Bro’in out: For your dude:

Pizza! DUH! My mom always told me a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I don’t know if my attempt will be successful, but I am hitting up Sizzle Pie later this afternoon to see if they will make me a pizza with a pepperoni heart to give to my guy. (Finger crossed!)

Booze in a chocolate box. Super cute idea, and you can totes eat all the chocolate inside for good reason. Pop by your neighborhood liquor store and stock up on your man's favorite booze in the mini size!

For your four legged babe:

Adorable locally made heart-shaped cookies with phrases like "I Woof U!" Pick 'em up at Healthy Pets NWfor two dolla. My pup Coco Bean ate hers this morning and assured me it was pawsitively delish.