Remember those crazy platform sneakers from the '90s made famous by the Spice Girls and ravers? For some people that shoe never went out of style, and they have been rockin' them ever since—when they could find them, of course. Now it's easier than ever to look sporty, and at the same time tower over your friends, with the new Solestruck X Buffalo collaboration. The Buffalo brand enjoyed much of its success in the 1990s, but is still thriving as a fast fashion shoe company catering to a mostly European market. Solestruck has been carrying the brand since 2012, selling out of styles as quickly as they can be restocked. This inspired them to collaborate and design a collection with Buffalo, as they have done in the past with Jeffrey Campbell, Black Milk, and others. It pretty much screams '90s raver club kid with its neon and pop colors, and if this kind of shoe is your jam I would act fast, as the collection went live last week and is sure to sell out. See it the whole collection here.