I am always on the lookout for new beauty products to fall in love with, and lately I just can’t get enough of:

  • Tan Towel

Tan Towel: I would never advise stepping into a crispy tanning bed, but to get over the “Portland Pale” look I would recommend trying Tan Towel. I have done a couple applications, and really enjoyed the natural looking results. Similar to a make-up wipe you would use at the end of the night, Tan Towels come in single use towelettes that you simply apply to your face and body. (Don’t forget to wash your mitts after to avoid the telltale orange hand look.) After two applications in two weeks, my skin is looking sunkissed, and thankfully not Snooki orange! The only downside is the wipes do have a little bit of that faux tanner scent, but definitely not enough to deter me from using them. Pick them up locally at b-glowing.com, or online here.

  • svpply

Maak Soap Lab: What’s not to love about Maak Soaps? Made from vegan ingredients, amazing scents, and handmade here in Portland, I can’t think of any reason not to! I recently picked up the Rose City bar and can’t get enough. This soap is exfoliating without drying out my skin and smells incredible. Click here to shop entire collection.

  • Amika

Amika Obliphica Nourishing Hair Mask: After trying nearly every shade under the rainbow, my color treated hair has seen its fair share of damage. Amika’s Nourishing Hair Mask has done wonders for my thirsty mop! After a few treatments my hair feels smoother, softer, and my split ends are less noticeable. Read all about it here.