We were down to the final six contestants on last night's episode of Project Runway. And how is Portland champ Michelle Lesniak Franklin faring? Let's just say that there's a lot going on here:

Full wrap-up (with spoilers) beyond!

First of all, does this show not have the most jaw droppingly hamfisted product placement EVER or what? GOD that was egregious. Is it just me or did this episode take it to the next level of beating-you-over-the-head-until-you're-bored-into-unconsciousness obviousness? Phooey.

As for shenanigans: the remain six were divided into court-appointed pairs, with Michelle and Stanley joined up on a challenge that invited the designers to take inspiration from the halls of the Guggenheim in created one "wearable art" look with an accompanying ready-to-wear outfit. So basically sky's the limit. Stanley—who's quietly graduated through the challenges without distinguishing himself in any lasting way, took on the street-appropriate arm of the operation while Michelle set her sights on the avant-garde.

The best part about the challenge was that they were able to design their own fabric, on these fucking tablet things about which they would not shut up about during an uncomfortably long, soundbite-infested, head explodingly blunt commercial interlude. In a stroke of luck or genius, Michelle decided to go with the theme of a woman unraveling, and sketched a creepy image of a woman's face.

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This should not have worked, but when conveyed on Stanley's modern, voluminous-yet-streamlined dress, it somehow does, and it one their team the win, with Stanley taking the grand ($10,000) prize.

Even if it is a total man repeller.

It was the obvious choice for the judges, because even though we are supposed to be whittling down to the cream of the crop, there was a lot of whack shit on the runway. I for one was not a fan of Michelle's overworked bizarro look but as a matter of civic pride I'm glad the judges disagreed.

God, even his happy dance lacks personality. Nonetheless, good for Stanley! on the other hand, this episode really underscored the injustice of Samantha going home last week. Richard, who should've gotten the boot instead for sure, demonstrated that fact by descending into an almost non-verbal state of befuddlement, making his partner Patricia's wild eyes bug out more wildly than ever before. Finally, they put him out of his misery.

That is what you get for wearing flip-flops to the Guggenheim.

At the outset I considered the duo of Layana and Daniel to be the most promising, but they clashed like oil and water, with Layana turning out a ridiculously foofy art piece and Daniel producing a much more same skirt and jacket—the jacket was rad, but the skirt had a bizarrely puckering volume that just looked, as Layana would say, "messy." It seems like maybe she just needed a good cry.

But then... oh crap, we can't get rid of them: