Oooh ooh ooh, last night's two-hour Project Runway special, featuring the final challenge prior to sending these poor exhausted people home to work on their NY fashion week collections, had a whole lot of action and airplane time. Apologies are owed to the earth for the squandering of precious fuel that took this cast of characters to points across western Europe for one day. Meanwhile, in Portland contestant Michelle's world:

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So, Michelle didn't get to go anywhere. In the penalty box after last week's t-shirt 'n' pants debacle, she was forced to stay home while her comrades flew off to Barcelona (Layana), Berlin (Daniel), London (Stanley), and Paris (Patricia) for the briefest, shittiest vacations ever. In a single day they toured only the most obvious monuments and were forced to shop at expensive fabric stores with hobblingly limited selections. On the upside they probably slept for the duration of the flights which combined was probably the longest sleep they've had for months. Oh and they trotted out the old contestants to join 'em, because why not? They've got to keep these people sheltered and fed anyhow.

Michelle was understandably upset to be kept cooped up back in New York but... was it really that bad? All that time spent not sleeping on an airplane, the wonderfully familiar and comprehensive selection at Mood? Girl, the world comes to New York so why leave? (I don't really feel that way, but I still think her being kept put was a total gimme gift.)

And, oh my god, how over Layana are we? I've been kind of rooting for her, but she just keeps vibing me out more and more with the spoiled, entitled, whiny blah. It's not just the accent and silly hats. Truthfully most of the time her looks are the ones that I would most likely wear, personally, and I am kind of with her on the Spanish lace tip, but the sleeves and the collar on that jacket can go to hell. Clearly someone agrees with me.

Oh lordy, Daniel is far to kind to interpret that bitch-ass comment as a sign of her strength of character or whatever he was getting to there. And Michelle's tactful assessment of that jacket is spot-on. At this point Patricia is by far the underdog. I still like her. Let's watch Layana leave some more.

Aw, she loves her. So back to Michelle. If you couldn't tell up there she was going for an ombre thing with the skirt, which clearly didn't work out, but I'm ok with the kinda grimy look that it ended up with (hey, it's New York amirite etc.). The harness is not for everyone but you cannot deny the construction skills there. The judges straight recognized (they basically re-wrote the rule-book to keep her around, after all), so as we knew because Tim, Portland—our girl is going to fashion week.

Next week:

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