• House in Habit

  • Danika Pariseau

  • Kristin Rogers

Some of you may have scoped the Sasquatch coverage that went up earlier this month, and just in case you missed it, or wanted to know where to secure a teepee for your Perfect Portland Summer, look no further then House Inhabit. I was introduced to them through Shayda at General Merriment, who so graciously let me borrow hers. Now I’m lusting after one for myself. Made by super-cute parents Mike and Jessica Kraus from reclaimed, hand-picked aged wood and canvas, these teepees could not be cooler. For the kiddos there is a five-foot option, and for us kids at heart the six-foot style as well. Whether you’re going camping under the stars or just making a fort in your living room, these sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight teepees are ACE! l loved decorating mine with colorful scarves and loads of puff pillows. USA all the way, each teepee is handmade with love in California, and are under $150. Check em’ out here.