In news that makes me sad, frustrated, and just plain fucking angry, another Portland designer has been copied. This time it's one of Portland's most prominent jewelry designers, Betsy and Iya. The copied piece in question is their very popular Fremont Cuff, which a friend of theirs found in a local boutique on sale for $15 (the boutique owner pulled the remaining faux Fremont cuffs after being alerted by Betsy.) The faux Fremont Cuff has no label to identify where it came from, but Betsy has reason to believe that it was made by some big company in China.

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but in this case it's infuriating. Sadly this is becoming a regular occurrence, big companies copying small and independent companies and selling cheaper versions of their wares at much lower prices. Shit, it's basically the business model of Forever 21 (they knock off the bigger designers but still, it's equally lame.)

While there might not be any way to stop these companies from ripping off independent designers, there is still something we can do, shop local and don't buy cheap imitation crap! If you still are not convinced that this is the right thing to do (because you are obviously a monster) then read Betsy's blog post that goes into detail about the whole situation, how it made her feel, and the hours put in to making the real Fremont Cuff.

I should add that, highlighting how awesome local businesses are, Betsy and Iya is raffling off three Limited Edition Gold-Plated Fremont Bridge cuffs to say thank you to their loyal customers. It's just $5 to enter, and even if you don't win you get a 25% off code just for entering. Do you think "Big Faceless Jerk-off Company in China" would do that? I think not.