You may remember my post about the Downtown Holiday Pop-Up Shops last November, which included a section describing a pop-up by the name of Boys' Fort. Conceived and curated by R. Rolfe and Jake France, the small space at the Governor's Hotel packed a lot of great items into a small space, all while remaining easily navigable and aesthetically pleasing. This was their third pop-up shop, and they had been so successful that Rolfe and Jake decided to find a permanent home for Boys' Fort, which they did right in the heart of Downtown Portland at 902 SW Morrison Street. The new and permanent shop opened on May 5th and the size has afforded the space to house approximately 80 artists from Portland (including a couple from Eugene and Seattle) all within the theme of "A Carefully Curated Manthology of Stuff." The criteria for items to be sold at Boys' Fort, as told to me by Jake, includes items that are well-designed, marketable, hand-made, and all around "Fort-worthy."

As I said before, their new home is very large, but Boys' Fort makes impressive use of every possible nook and cranny, staging various nostalgic vignettes that range in theme from sailing to Americana to sipping-whisky-while-listening-to-records. There is even a gallery in the back that rotates artists every month. Featured in these vignettes are a variety of items including Blind Buddha Guitars, Salvage Works stash boxes, Harding & Wilson bow ties, Gretchen Nation jewelry, Wooly Bison backpacks, apparel from Lift Label, and more. While the shop is obviously geared for the boys girls can easily, and are encouraged, to stop in and pick up some things for themselves.

As for the future of the shop, one can expect an expanding collection that sells more regional artists, art openings once a month in the gallery space, an online store, and plenty of holiday gifts including grab-and-go sets, when the time comes of course. Whether you are a boy or a girl, Boys' Fort is a definite must see destination in Portland.

Centuar by Joe Warren

Lift Label Tank

Wooly Bison Backpacks

Blind Buddha Vintage Box Art Guitars