So not to go Shoshanna from Girls on you, but didn’t you guys diieee when Mr. Big got Carrie her dream closet instead of a diamond in the first Sex and the City film? I know I did. So just in case you’re in the market for a brand new closet that could rival Ms. Bradshaw’s, you simply cannot miss the California Closets grand opening soiree hosted by our friends over at Portland Monthly. Houzz, a top online site for remodeling and home trends will be doing a special presentation on the latest and greatest in all things home-y. Wine and charcuterie from Olympic Provisions will be on hand as well as and the one and only Salt & Straw. Here’s your chance to scope the creme de la creme of closets! July 29th at 1235 W. Burnside St., it’s going down. Mark your cals and register here—space is limited.