I'm going to ignore the fact that I just saw a prediction for RAIN on my goddamn weather app and concentrate on suuuper siZZZZZZling summmmer thoughts. Such as: two upcoming local fashion shows that are really heating up what can otherwise be a sleepy season on the runway front. Alley 33 and Fade to Light are book-ending the month of August with hefty showcases of the apparel being designed and produced in the city, and as Cassie Ridgeway of Mag-Big/Alley 33 explains, "We did a lot of soul-searching about viability of businesses in our city. I really believe the collections presented by these designers showcase a broad spectrum of talent that is committed to the people. These are the designers whose garments can be found in our closets. Though each designer is aesthetically different, they all share the common goal of being worn in a real world setting."

To that end, Ridgeway has enlisted Project Runway winner Michelle Lesniak's Au Clothing, Filly, Sara Bergman, Sarah Bibb for Folly, Aniela Parys Designs, Mag-Big, Amelia, Clair Vintage Inspired, Carolyn Hart, Lift Label, Allihalla, J. Calderon, Poema, Lizz Basinger, Jitterbuggin, and Make It Good.

Sara Bergmans Cloud City Mini.
  • Sara Bergman
  • Sara Bergman's Cloud City Mini.

Aniela Parys Designs swimsuit
  • Etsy
  • Aniela Parys Designs swimsuit

Alley 33 takes place August 10 at 7 pm in the—ahem—alley at 33rd and Hawthorne, $10 advance, $12 door. Oh, and it's going to be emceed by me!

While Alley 33's emphasis may be on a certain degree of practicality, I'd expect a little showmanship in addition to wearability from the designers of Fade to Light: Bad Wolf Clothier, Bryce Black, Chicago Harper, Elizabeth Rohloff, Emit, a second showing from Au Clothing, Quick Study, Studio SKB, and Wandering Muse.

Bright idea: Emit
  • Emit
  • Bright idea: Emit

Fade to Light goes down August 28th at the Crystal, 7 pm, $12-25