There are things that you wear out of function and practicality, and there are things you wear that walk the line between clothing and fine art, and most of the superbly talented people ensconced at OKO gallery and the adjacent Thurman Street Studios fall easily into the latter category. This weekend marks the opportunity to check out their latest endeavors, and perhaps take some new wearable/art home, should you be so inclined.

Fan Dress by Liza Rietz
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  • Fan Dress by Liza Rietz

Liza Rietz, Emily Katz, Hazel Cox, BOET, Kelly Pottery, Hsin-Yi Huang Ceramics, and Gail Heymann Ceramics are ganging up for a studio/sidewalk sale this Saturday from 11 am-6 pm with lots of markdowns and other treats. Especially if you've never poked around at this cluster of artisans, don't miss the excuse to check out some of the city's most interesting creators!

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