Our next segment in the Content Designer Spotlight series focuses on Crazy Wind.

Crazy Wind is still pretty new to the Portland design scene, and they offer something that is quite different from anything Portland has ever seen before on a locally produced level. The brand is created by Japanese designer Chiyo Takahashi based in Portland, Oregon, with the help of her mother Hatsuyo Takahashi based in Nagoya, Japan. Takahashi worked for 10 years in the sportswear industry as a designer/director for major companies such as Adidas, Puma, and Converse, after which she decided to launch her own line connected to her heritage. The Crazy Wind name comes from the Japanese word “Fuukyo-“, which means insanity or artistic madness. The word "Fuukyo-" is constructed with two characters, “Wind” and “Crazy”. Takahashi goes into more detail about the process and the upcoming space for Content:

My clothing line is all about using Japanese textile called kasuri, which I source directly from family owned factories and workshops in rural Japan. I'm thinking about building a room that's sort of like a shrine or a spiritual room that's made up by these fabrics. Since kasuri has a long history and tradition, I naturally draw my inspiration from the old world Japan in creating my line. But I also try to infuse something modern and American in my collection, since I live and work here in Portland and produce everything locally. I'm hoping to create a room that captures the essence of Crazy Wind but do so in a much more visual and abstract way.

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  • Crazy Wind