It's that time of year again when we reflect on what's passed these last 12 months. For me it's been a year of searching for what inspires me the most and how to use that inspiration to further my life. I hope to be bringing more of my fashion inspirations to this blog, plus a launch my own blog that will feature Portland, Food, Nightlife, and Fat Fashion.

Below is a small list of things that caught my attention during the year!


Dressed-up Sweaters

  • Forever 21+

I know it's kind of a weird thing to be jazzed about, but I haven't really worn sweaters in years. However, this winter seems to be more chilly than normal and I find myself wanting to bundle up. The embellished or graphic sweater is a perfect way to make a statement during these ice-cold months. Wear it to the office under a fitted jacket, or to a tree trimming party paired with a cute flouncy skater skirt and booties.

Leather Harnesses

Me in my harness!
  • Me in my harness!

I tend to love the trends that are on the darker side of things. So how stoked was I when I saw that bondage wear made its way back, with a high fashion twist. Leading the way for this trend has been leather wear designer Zana Bayne. I have been following Bayne for years through her blog Garbage Dress, where she showcased some of her early designs. Bayne has been dressing everyone from Madonna and Lady Gaga to Chloe Sevigny and the Victoria's Secret models from this week's fashion show.

Unfortunately I could never afford any of Zana's beautiful pieces, but lucky me: I found an alternative!

Local company Scrafts is a one-woman show run by Sarah Dee Ditson, who was able to fulfill my dreams by making me a custom harness. Sarah makes handcrafted youthful, sophisticated, and fashionable accessories for everyBODY. I have a hard time NOT wearing my harness all the time!


Saint Laurent Spring 2013


Again, love all things dark and black. This collection represented all my witch-y coven dreams set in the '60s/'70s rock haze of old LA. With its legging-slender pants and tiny sequined jackets plus floor-sweeping, full-sleeve dresses, I was seduced by dark California dreams minus all the sun.

Jennifer Lawrence


Instead of talking about how far we still have to go, I wanted to celebrate where we are now! Body image was a hot topic this year, and rightfully so. Plus bloggers have shouted loud and clear to the fashion industry that everyBODY should be represented.

The time is now to embrace ourselves, because in the words of Sonya Renee (performance poet, activist, and transformational leader), the body is not an apology.

I would like to applaud Jennifer for having the courage to stand up for her body and make no apologies for it. She has been very vocal about resisting diet culture and the pressure to be unnaturally thin. "If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,' I'm like, 'You can go f*ck yourself,'" Lawrence said in an interview for the November 2013 UK issue of Harper's Bazaar. And to that I say: