Like everyone else, we here at the Merc are in the midst of compiling our "bests" and "worsts" of 2013. To that end, I polled the designers, retails, bloggers, and others involved in making and shaping the city's style-focused industry, and got a ton of responses. Many of them are in upcoming/current/future editions of the paper (web versions are longer!), but the lovely overflow continues, right here on MOD. And, because fashion is supposed to be at heart a forward thinking, we asked for their hopes and predictions for 2014, to boot.

Next up: Sara Bergman.

My favorite fashion moment from 2013 was Rick Owens’ ferocious, rhythmic S/S presentation.

[This one came up a lot, and it's no wonder.]

  • Rick Owens

What I’m dreaming of in 2014: raw gems, lady tuxedos, Canadian tuxedos. A head-to-toe blackout, but with strange shapes. Also, winter rompers! My hope for the future of fashion is to transform the garment production industry into something ethical, sustainable, and humane.

  • Sara Bergman