Like everyone else, we here at the Merc are in the midst of compiling our "bests" and "worsts" of 2013. To that end, I polled the designers, retails, bloggers, and others involved in making and shaping the city's style-focused industry, and got a ton of responses. Many of them are in upcoming/current/future editions of the paper (web versions are longer!), but the lovely overflow continues, right here on MOD. And, because fashion is supposed to be at heart a forward thinking, we asked for their hopes and predictions for 2014, to boot.

Next up: purveyor of rad clothes Bree Goertzen of Odessa:

Over this past year I've been taking a lot of inspiration from fashion photography new and old in order to discover new ways of thinking about clothing and style. In so, a nod to Irving Penn for expanding my love of the polka dot into an obsession. Polka dots, or any thoughtful pattern, can really make a simple look feel complete. I love the reemergence of color, print, and unusual textiles we are seeing in 2014, which have been done so well by Prada, Celine, Lanvin, and Isabel Marant.


In 2014 it's all about mixing things up, and I'm not talking "high/low" blah… blah… I'm talking really just making an outfit your own by deciding where you want to take it through your personal creative inspiration. In fashion we are all influenced and inspired by what we see and how it is presented, but what keeps it fun is how everyone has a different personal take on what they want to wear based on whatever is important to them. Miuccia Prada has been a great example of this, we see Prada taking color, fabrics, and aesthetic outside of the comfort zone and it looks good! That's where fashion is truly going in 2014, a place where we can define and refine personal style to suit our own creativity.

On a side note: In beauty, I love the direction that some make-up artists have been going where they are featuring a nude face. Fuck make-up! It's fun to do a little bit sometimes but simplicity is the best. Let's take a step away from the mirror and love the way we look without a lot of make-up.

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