Like everyone else, we here at the Merc are in the midst of compiling our "bests" and "worsts" of 2013. To that end, I polled the designers, retails, bloggers, and others involved in making and shaping the city's style-focused industry, and got a ton of responses. Many of them are in upcoming/current/future editions of the paper (web versions are longer!), but the lovely overflow continues, right here on MOD. And, because fashion is supposed to be at heart a forward thinking, we asked for their hopes and predictions for 2014, to boot.

Next up: Alyson Clair of Clair Vintage Inspired.

My favorites were Fade to Light, both shows. I wasn't able to do the summer one due to another project I have going on, so it was amazing to actually watch the entire show from the audience. I LOVE to see the creativity from our community that goes behind the fashion. Also loved the Alley 33 show, it's one of my favorites to see such a broad range of people making things in Portland. I'm stoked both shows have a strong footing and are "must dos" in my day planner for 2014.

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Year to come? I think it's going to be fucking awesome. I've got something up my sleeve hitting early April I have been working on for the last year. (Top secret still.)

I'm ready for the mullet hem trend to go away, as well as the Uggs that NEVER seem to want to die.

One thing that I have seen a trend in, is having a more open apparel community. Meaning people are helping each other more with resources. PDX Fashion Trade group on Facebook has been really good about having conversations from sewing machine repair to creepers that frequent boutiques. I strongly believe this is key to the success of small designers in our city. Manufacturing is one of the largest hurdles for makers. I'm hardcore made in USA, and always happy to share information. It helps makes us all better together, stronger makers, and hopefully will keep talent in Portland—long term. Over the next 10 years, I want to see designers and brands really make it in Portland. There's always ebb and flow, but I want to see some strong brands really represent Portland as landmarks. We have the talent and we have the tools, let's make some clothes!

Clair Vintage Inspired
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