Well this... is a first. On Saturday there will be one of the first of probably more than a few bridal-centric runway shows over the next few months, but this one doubles as a surprise birthday party for the designers whose gowns are to be showcased. Meaning she doesn't know about it. Because her husband has ordered her to undergo a "media blackout" wherein he has taken over her Facebook profile and compiled a list of places on the internet where she isn't allowed to go (including here). If it sounds complicated, it kind of is (dude, a super nice dinner followed by drinks with friends would be so much easier), albeit in a cute and giddy way (fun fact: the breakdown's already been in effect for a week, and he reports she's already had one "breakdown!"). Plus, the show itself is free to the public (and if you are getting married this year, "free" will probably not come up often), and it's a good way to see some of the more complicated dress designs being produced in the city.

  • Elizabeth Messina

The designer in question is Myra Callan, of Twigs & Honey, a comprehensive bridalwear source for hair accessories and veils, gowns (as Myra Callan Bridal), lingerie, robes, and more. The show will present the new 2014 collection, to take place at the Cleaners (403 SW 10th) at 7:30 pm on Saturday, with drinks, apps, and childcare provided. The show is set to take place at 8, with birthday partying to follow... SURPRISE!