• WILL Leather Goods

When I heard WILL Leather Goods was hosting a preview of their 2014 collections, I jumped at the chance to scope out the merchandise. It didn't hurt that they included some tasty breakfast snacks and espresso to keep me energized while I did my hard-hitting research.

Union Way, in all its hipster glory, is the new hotspot for Portland shopping. When I walked into the trademark alleyway, I was immediately hit with the sweet smell of leather. Even though they've only been open for a handful of months, the retailer has definitely made its presence known. The store spans across two spaces in the trendy "shopping arcade" and their windows glow from a mixture of neon signs and vintage light bulbs.

The 2014 collections are built on classic silhouettes, bold colors, and all the high-quality materials WLG is famous for. After browsing the store, there were a few gems that caught my eye along with some staple favorites. If you're in the mood for a new leather bag, looking for a sturdy tote, or just want to splurge on a fun accessory you've come to the right place.

The Fawn Collection
Supple, buttery soft leather is used in this collection that includes styles like the Florence Satchel and Beatrix Hobo. These bags feature clean design details and bright color choices.

  • WILL Leather Goods

  • WILL Leather Goods

WLG finds thoughtful products to maximize the use of the material and reduce waste. These little guys are made from the scraps created during production and there are a variety of styles to mix and match.

  • WILL Leather Goods

Indigo Batik
As part of WLG's "Found" series, this unique tote bag is made with vintage indigo-dyed Batik linen and distressed vegetable tanned leather trim. I was intrigued by the history behind the Indonesian textile and love that each piece is one of a kind.


Feast your eyes on more of the items WILL Leather Goods has to offer after the jump, or make your way to the West End and visit the store inside Union Way.