As I wrote in this week's Sold Out column, tonight is the scheduled presentation of Brady Lange's spring/summer collection at Black Book. But, considering the fact that Snowpocalypse is apparently just taking a short rest before whacking us with round two this evening, I'm inclined to guess he'll be forced to reschedule. Which is a shame, because if you watched last night's episode of Under the Gunn, the Project Runway spinoff Lange's been competing on, this (is?) would have been perfect timing. (I have a message out to Lange to see what his cancel/not cancel plans in fact are.)


Find out what I mean by that beyond the spoiler-y cut.

UPDATE! As suspected, tonight's presentation has been canceled; stay tuned for info on the reschedule!

To cut to the chase, Lange was eliminated on last night's episode, a circumstance to which he responded in a blog post (read the whole thing here):

I feel like my biggest downfall during this challenge was that I got in my head too much about a concept that I made up for myself and just didn't execute it well. Like trying to rewind a VHS in a DVD player. Anya may have accidentally planted the seed but I watered that seed, blindly fostered it and then tried to sell it at the damn farmers market. I take full responsibility of my design. I really just needed to take my self out of it and step back and look at it objectively, which I unfortunately didn't do. I actually love what I made, but separately and not for that challenge... and my styling was off, I mean, nude wedges? Really, Brady? Really? I actually understand Anya's decision, I mean, I wish it was different but I'm ok with it. I absolutely loved my time with Anya and definitely learned from her mentoring, we just weren't on our A-game this week.

Here's his exit interview, and here's to Lange returning to the local fold, where he remains one of our most exciting and promising figures.

(And by the way, awesome dress.)