She's not just your favorite Portland model, she's everyone's favorite model! Clarke Flowers' beautiful face is everywhere in Portland's fashion scene. Her talent, which appears effortless, has helped elevate dozens of Portland companies who are seeking a high-fashion, elegant image. Not only is she dreamy to work with, she's hilariously funny and sharp as a tack. Needless to say, she's a treasure in Portland's fashion scene, and sets the bar higher and higher each season.

I asked Clarke to talk with us a little bit about her career in modeling:

Frances May lookbook
  • Brenden Coughlin
  • Frances May lookbook

When did you start modeling? What was your first shoot like?

Flowers: I began modeling when I was about 18 years old! I got scouted in the mall (haha) along with every other girl! My first photo shoot was amazing! I got to work with Paige Craig, an LA photographer, she was incredibly enthusiastic and pushed me out of my comfort zone, which in turn produced beautiful pictures! It was awkward at first, but the awkwardness to me is the beauty in modeling. The best part is once you own your awkwardness, you truly flourish in taking risks.

Clarke Flowers
  • Photo by Toby Nyugen
  • Clarke Flowers

How many companies and shows are you modeling for each year? Any favorite collections or shows?

The list goes on! I love doing runway shows. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush you get before owning the runway and everyone appreciates the beautiful clothes for those few seconds. I've done all the major shows here in Portland, including FashionXT, Portland Fashion Week, Fade to Light, the Unmentionable Fashion Show, Style in the Pearl etc. The list goes on but those are a few of my favorite shows that I've done around town.

What do you like about modeling?

Modeling has been an escape for me. An escape from the real world of being a full-time student at Portland State University. I've met so many beautiful, creative, and intelligent people through modeling. I've built networks with people that I plan on collaborating with in the future. As with any job there are pros and cons, but fortunately for me I've been blessed with a lot of positive energy!

Clarke Flowers
  • Photo by Brenden Coughlin
  • Clarke Flowers

What are the challenges with modeling?

The reality of modeling it that you are you own a business. If you aren't on top of your health, your lifestyle, or social life, you can get zapped into unhealthy habits. Having a strong sense of self-awareness is the key to being successful in my eyes. When I'm having a bad day, or don't get a job due to me not "fitting the look" or for whatever other reason, I tell myself not to take it personally. I know that I'm a smart young woman, and I'm determined to make something of my modeling career.

Do you have aspirations of modeling in New York or Los Angeles?

I plan on going to LA soon! My agency Option Model and Media has been the best to me. They've kept me working constantly and they support my aspirations of wanting to use modeling as a way to travel and explore the world! After I graduate this spring, I plan on letting modeling take me on a journey that will allow me to grow myself as a business.

Solestruck Ad with Clarke Flowers
  • Solestruck Lookbook
  • Solestruck Ad with Clarke Flowers

What advice can you give to emerging models?

One thing that my dad always said to me growing up is, "Do your best." Going along with that idea, just remember to stay true to yourself. Think positively and know that by doing good, good things will happen in due time.

Lavenda Memory Unallied cover photostory

Do you have any exciting events or shoots on your calendar for 2014?

The next exciting show I have coming up is Fade to Light, produced by Elizabeth Mollo (who is AMAZING). I'll be rocking designs by my best friend Keely Dipietro, and this show is always a good one!