The semi-annual Fade to Light fashion show is going down at the Crystal tomorrow, and we're studying up on the crop of designers being featured this time (some of them we know, some of them we're still getting acquainted with). To that end, we sent along some questions about their new collections and how they approach Fade to Light's particular focus on multi-media presentations, which at its most basic involves a video introduction prior to each line's appearance, but which can and has included everything from live music to professional dance routines thrown down in the middle of the runway.

Next up: The ladies of Nashionland (Clair Vintage Inspired, Carolyn Hart, and Hubris Apparel.

  • Carolyn Hart

What exactly is Nashionland?
ALYSON CLAIR OF CLAIR VINTAGE INSPIRED: Nashionland is the shared studio space of Clair Vintage Inspired, Carolyn Hart, and Hubris Apparel. Nashion was a fake word that Carolyn and Alyson made up in college, before Tim Gun coined "make it work." (Nashion is for seriously in Urban Dictionary). So of course it was appropriate to name the studio Nashionland.

How many times have you each participated?
It's a mixed bag. I've done all but the last show. Carolyn and and have known [Fade to Light producer and MOD contributor] Elizabeth [Mollo] since college and been doing shows with her since 2005, like DoomTown and Sweet F.A. It's pretty much law in this town if Elizabeth is backstage, it's going to be a good show.

Clair Vintage Inspired
  • Upswept Creative
  • Clair Vintage Inspired

How do you feel about the video aspect of the show?
One of the reasons we all decided to show together was to have fun and share what our lives look like in our happy place: Nashionland. All of us are very involved with each other, sharing a studio space. It's fantastic to have other brains to ask if grading looks correct, or if colors are working together. We are usually a gigglefest, and so not serious. In the past I've shown fun Scopitone videos as openers, but never actually produced a video. After spectating the last Fade To Light, we got the idea to do a video with a different take. We wanted to share the joy and fun aspect of making things, and truly dance parties do break out in our studio. We are silly and have fun, that that is what our video is about.

What can you tell me about your collections?
All of us are very ready to wear designers. Three percent of apparel sold in the United States is made in the United States. All of us are super proud to be a part of that three percent. After some deliberation, we decided that we wanted to show pieces from each of our lines' current collections that are for sale in stores this season. We want people to see looks on the runway and be able to buy and wear them now. So when our lines go down the runway, it's like going into a shop, and picking out your favorite thing.