Portland's own Wildfang is marking their one-year anniversary this month. You may be well aware that this store and their brand have in a way taken over our town with their carefully curated boyish pieces. They present their items in a way that doesn't separate the men's from the women's, but hangs them all together to let each piece speak on its own to an individual. Their flag ship store opened in mid-August of last year, but that was after the original online store debuted five months earlier. The plan was just that: a web store that could reach like minded gals with a flair for a guy's touch of style.

The result was a success, and a lot of their customers, they realized, were based in Portland so they figured an actual store was appropriate. This home base, which they call "The Fort" or "Fort Wildfang" has proved to be equally attractive to customers. There's a swing for photo-ops, and one entire wall is ready to be carved into, so if you happen to have a pocket knife on you... tag that shit! (Well, I'd ask first just to get the OK). Their debut house collection featured sweat shirts and tees bedecked with a modern interpretation of a tribal style wolf. The same wolf in its massive carved version hung in the front window. They've collaborated with another Portland based artist to create a new window display that will debut close to their anniversary.

The Tabor Tee
  • Lindsay Beaumont
  • The Tabor Tee

Wildfang don't mess around with their advertising, and keeps things fresh with weekly photo shoots. Instead of releasing a spread of their new items all at once, they do a few at a time each week to keep their customers engaged. I recently hung out behind the scenes at one of their shoots, which just so happened to be for their one-year anniversary Tomboy house collection. The studio sits upstairs in a warehouse building in SE. The walls are decorated with floor to ceiling graffiti-art murals, there's a table piled up with food for snacking, a ladder for item layout shooting, and of course your standard photo studio set-up. There was an entire team of people including: Creative Director Taralyn Thuot, photographer Lindsay Beaumont, stylist Ali Breslin along with model Meredith Adelaide (who Lindsay claimed made her job so easy because she does her thang just right). With Sex Pistols playing in the background the "we are bad-asses who like to have fun" mood was set.

The Photographer behind all the Tomboy magic
  • Katie Guinn
  • The Photographer behind all the Tomboy magic

Don't forget! Wildfang's anniversary bash is this Friday, from 6-8 at the store and from 8 pm on at the White Owl.