Everyone gets burnt out on their skincare products eventually, and how do you know you're using the best thing for your skin, with its changing needs, if you don't sample out every once in a while. On the other hand, the shelves at beauty supply stores like Blush can feel like labyrinths constructed out of bottles of mystery... where to start? Enter: person trying to sell you something, which is just what you needed. That's how this stuff works!

If you really want to unpack the story behind some of those bottles, here's an opportunity to delve a little deeper: The founder of California-based M. Steves skincare, Mally Steves Chakola, is making a personal appearance at Blush over the course of three days: March 20-22. The brand spiel:

A simplified, all-natural skincare line that draws from all aspects of her upbringing and mixed heritage. Although face oils are just now starting to gain popularity, Mally Steves has been ahead of her time, recognizing early on the versatile powers of Rose Hip Seed Oil, the signature ingredient in each of her products. Also known as “youth in a bottle,” RHSO fights aging, evens skin tone and texture, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, amongst other anti-aging properties. With its other active and natural ingredients like aloe, coconut oil and turmeric, M. Steves is inspired by Mally Steves’ own needs as a woman balancing a life and career.

I do think one should be careful about the products they choose to smear into their body's largest organ, so please don't consider it a professional endorsement but in my experience oils have been amazing. I seem to have achieved a state of constant tea drinking that requires little extra moisture help, but in drying times it's been oils over creams that I can swear almost produce an audible sigh of satisfaction from my face, which would drink it right up. The other important thing to look for, obviously, is packaging:

  • M. Steves via Facebook