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Spring is here, and with it comes new growth and success for local Portland makers. Here's a peek at the new headquarters for local favorite Wood & Faulk, who is developing a large creative space to house their production studio—and they're bringing some notable artists and craftsman along for the ride.

  • Wood & Faulk

  • Wood & Faulk

Starting as a one-man shop out of his home, Matt Pierce has grown his brand of leather goods into a thriving business. Wood & Faulk can be found in shops from San Francisco to Brooklyn, and as far away as Japan. As one of the original members of Beam & Anchor's collective, Matt is now taking his growing team and setting up a new shop to help accommodate more production and creative projects.

I asked Matt if he could give us a few details on this big transition. Click through to read the full interview.

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Congratulations on the next chapter of Wood & Faulk as you prepare to move into your new space. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey as a company so far?

Our journey as a company has been an amazing lesson in accidental entrepreneurship. I never really intended to make this a business, it was more about the blog and showing projects that didn't fit my design portfolio. Move up a few years and now there's six employees and I'm moving into a large's been supremely exciting. I never imagined myself doing this type of work, but now I can't imagine doing anything else.

  • Wood & Faulk

What are your plans for the new space? Are you going to expand production or will it be a retail shop?

The new space will be mostly production and some showroom-type space. It will be amazing to have room to grow, offices, real desks and areas to entertain clients. No retail for now. There's too much to figure out without adding a retail component yet. Beam & Anchor (where our current studio resides) will remain our most complete Portland retail outlet.

  • Wood & Faulk

  • Wood & Faulk

As one of the original makers at Beam & Anchor, was it tough to make the decision to move on? What have you learned during your time there that you could share with new makers and craftspeople looking to follow in your footsteps?

The decision to leave B&A has been tough in many ways, though with the amount of employees and our production cramps, staying wasn't an option. Thankfully our new location is close, so we'll be able to visit and talk shop frequently. I'll miss the camaraderie for sure, it's definitely a family home that I'll be moving out of. There was so much learning for all of us in the building, and I'm sure we could have never experienced so much growth had we all tried to work separately. Everyone in B&A is busting at the seams in the best way.

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Where is your new space located and when can we expect the doors to officially open?

Our new space should be done around June 1st, and we'll be moving shortly thereafter. It's on Thompson, near Interstate, about 4 blocks south of our current locale. The building will have ten or so tenants and be home to some other amazing folks like Golden Rule Design, Emily Katz, Sara Barner, Brendon Farrell and more.

That's quite a roster of talent under one roof. With Wood & Faulk leading the way, it will be interesting to see what type of creative work comes out of this new collective. If you want to keep an eye on the progress of the new space, follow along on Instagram or on the Wood & Faulk website.