While the Blazers were finally winning in the second round of playoffs, some of our city's fans found other ways to entertain themselves. Open Season comes but once a year, at a time when it becomes magically beautiful outside—no matter if it had been pouring down rain the week before. Open Season is where everyone does their best to look cute, and where the most renowned designers of Portland put their best foot forward in an effort to give our fair city a shake at being one of the most creative in the nation. I mean, after all, there's got to be a reason why all the Project Runways and the Under The Gunns of the world keep picking our cute little designers round after round, amirite?!

Case in point that creativity and originality is alive and well in Rip City: Crazy Wind. I.Loved.Every.Look. The designer, Chiyo Takahashi styled the models in white Nike shower shoes, Air Max 90s, and Roshe Runs, which was a rad choice and a fun counterpoint to the headpieces which had a very 19th century "Girl With a Pearl Earring" vibe.

Takahashi makes "traditional Japanese textiles called kasuri, which is an ikat made by tie-dyeing yarn before it's woven to create slightly blurred patterns on the finished fabric. Crazy Wind sources textiles directly from these 100 year old family operated manufacturing houses from the Kurume region. But she doesn't do it alone—she has help from her mother, Hatsuyo Takahashi, who's based in Nagoya, Japan." The looks that Takahashi created for this line would drop jaws on any stage, and in any city... but we're lucky enough to have her call Portland home.