This is the month when summer arrives and with that brings many events to fill our calendars. The weather is pretty predictable (even if it's still raining, the temperatures are warm so it doesn't really dampen our spirits). Lowell in North Portland is celebrating the beginning of the summer months by displaying art by Jeffrey Hale and Lila Jarzombek. The two artists' collections draw from one source of inspiration: Roky Erickson. They share a highly textural, abstract, colorful aesthetic. This should be a deeply communicative showcase, so mark your calendars if you love rad art inspired by music/musicians. (I'd also suggest listening to some 13th Floor Elevators to get into the vibe before attending the show, as they are a pretty spectacular listen).

Lowell, 819 N. Russell
Opening Reception: Friday, June 13, 6-9pm
showing June 13th-July 31st, 2014

  • Hale & Zarzombek

"We are dedicating the show to a great creative inspiration in our lives: Roky Erickson. We are collaborating on one piece/shrine for the show. Lila and I made a connection to each other through his music, as I am sure many have before, but we think the 13th Floor Elevators and Roky are one of those primary creative sources in the world of rock, etc." -Jeffrey Hale

Some past work:

Vines By Lila Jarzombek, Stefan Gunn and Jeff Hale
  • Jeffrey Hale
  • Vines By Lila Jarzombek, Stefan Gunn and Jeff Hale

Lila Jarzombek
  • Lila Jarzombek