We have word of an interesting exhibit to visit this first Thursday at the Art Institute's Steven Goldman Gallery. From the description it sounds like a unique approach to a gallery opening and show: Art through photography, experience, well being, and it may inspire the hunger in not only your belly but also your health.

Combining food, culture, and wellness, Ayurveda is a comprehensive medical system indigenous to India. With a focus on the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—Ayurveda is gaining awareness and popularity among health and wellness consumers outside of its native region as people seek complementary and alternative solutions to health concerns that are often inadequately addressed by Western healthcare.

This exhibit provides a glimpse of the sabbatical fieldwork of Culinary instructor Eric Wynkoop, conducted in Spring Term 2014, in India. In continuation of his studies of Ayurveda, Wynkoop investigated the social context of Ayurveda in Mumbai, where he focused his attention on cooking and consumer attitudes, and studied with Ayurvedic doctors in Jaipur.

Steven Goldman Gallery
1122 NW Davis

  • Eric Wynkoop