Yesterday was my third day of residency at the Museum of Contemporary Craft's "Fashion Safehouse." I am still tirelessly striving to create one garment per day from scratch. That is: designing, patterning, cutting, sewing, and finishing. My pristine “safe house” is now certifiably a little more reminiscent of my normal sew shop (meaning: I trashed the place). What once were clean surfaces and floors and now covered in threads, serger chains, scrap fabric, and textile dust.

Me, Day 3 in the Museum Safehouse

As day two came to a close, I was very proud to have finished a garment I felt truly captured the thematic element of uniforms. It is a striped shift dress with a yoke collar and apron pockets. Be warned: I am about to drop a little emotion on you:

Making this dress in the stillness and silence of the museum, I was able to listen to the poetry imbued in the forming of the garment. I slowed my steps and took careful measure to give this garment the true “handmade” quality, which is a departure for me to some degree because we focus so much on production in my shop. The voice in my head that is always responding to emails, calls, social networking platforms, deadlines, bills, and all the other racket of being a business owner, was briefly set to pause. Only me and my creation were present.

Day 2: 2 Garments Complete

Day three was a little different. I struggled at every turn. I set out to design something, and once I started, I decided I wanted a different direction. After changing directions, I made a sample that had so many fit issues that I felt myself getting manic.

Hit that pause button again. Get a taco and calm down.

Back to it, I wiped the white board clean and started from scratch. A few museum guests came through with words of inspiration and support and I felt myself finally finding focus.

So this is day three’s progress. The uniform collection is almost halfway developed.

Day 3: 3 finished pieces of the Uniform Collection