Wuthering Heights


2012 | 129 min. minutes | Rated NR

Like most adaptations, Arnold's retelling of Emily Brontë's much-dissected 1847 novel addresses its earlier half, specifically the doomed, complicated relationship between Heathcliff (played by Solomon Glave and James Howson), a homeless boy taken in by the Earnshaw family in their rustic home on the merciless moors of Northern England, and their daughter Catherine (Shannon Beer and Kaya Scodelario). Moody and strangely claustrophobic despite its open air, Arnold has managed to take one of literature's darker footnotes and plunge it further into willful misery. It's beautiful, uncomfortable, and particularly in its depiction of childhood, loaded with complexity.


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Film Credits
Andrea Arnold
Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Oliver Milburn, Nichola Burley, Steve Evets, Amy Wren, Paul Hilton, James Northcote, Paul Murphy