The Loneliest Planet

2012 | 113 min. minutes | Rated NR

Julia Loktev's film based on a short story by Tom Bissell. Bissell's "Expensive Trips Nowhere" packs a punch, in no small part because it traps the reader in the confused heads of its main characters—a traveling couple heading into uncharted territory, both physically and emotionally. In The Loneliest Planet, they're played by Hani Furstenberg and Gael García Bernal, and the local guide they've hired is played with stony toughness and subtle resentment by Bidzina Gujabidze. In "Expensive Trips Nowhere," we know this privileged, uneasy couple—where they come from, what they resent, and how they feel as their relationship is slowly broken apart. Here, we know... well, we for sure know that they spend a lot of time looking pensive, and even more time walking. (Seriously, there's a lot of walking: The Loneliest Planet is so stultifying slow that it makes The Tree of Life look like a frenetic thriller.)


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Film Credits
Julia Loktev
Hani Furstenberg, Gael García Bernal, Bidzina Gujabidze