Jack Reacher


2012 | 130 minutes | Rated PG-13

Werner Herzog plays the villain in a solid, pulpy, funny, Tom Cruise-led adaptation of Lee Child's thriller One Shot. Here's something Herzog says in the movie: "I spent my first winter as a prisoner in Siberia wearing a dead man's coat. I chewed these fingers off before the frostbite could turn to gangrene." Here is something Tom Cruise says in the movie: "I'm going to beat you to death and drink your blood from a boot." I liked this movie.


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Film Credits
Christopher McQuarrie
Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog, David Oyelowo, Jai Courtney, Joseph Sikora, Michael Raymond-James, Alexia Fast, James Martin Kelly, Kristen Dalton, Nicole Forester, Joe Coyle, Scott Martin, Tammy Felice, Josh Helman