Repo! The Genetic Opera


2008 | 97 min. minutes | Rated R

The blood-feud operatics of director Darren Lynn Bousman's self-described cult film, Repo! The Genetic Opera, are ambitious indeed. With nary a spoken word in sight, nearly two hours of dubious "rock" could make even the gnarliest of theater kids throw up their jazz hands in disgust. But what Repo! lacks in chops, it makes up for in bloody gusto. Taking a cue from Dario Argento, Repo! shows that combining blood 'n' guts with opera can make for all manner of fun.


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Film Credits
Darren Lynn Bousman
Sarah Brightman, Anthony Head, Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Tobin Bell, Sarah Power, Dean Armstrong, J. LaRose