Dirty Wars

A documentary from Jeremy Scahill, the muckraker extraordinaire for the Nation who first revealed Blackwater's deep, unaccountable involvement in Iraq. Dirty Wars charts how a single renegade trip to the Afghan town of Gardez—where a wedding party had been shot up by "bearded Americans" in the dead of night—unearthed evidence of the military's most sensitive secrets, like Barack Obama's "kill list" (that includes Americans) and the shadowy spook-commandos the White House sends out to enforce it, anywhere in the world it wants. Dirty Wars unfolds slowly, but it minds its unfolding mysteries and builds in urgency like any capable thriller should. The telegenic Scahill jumps from Afghanistan to Yemen to America, meeting like-minded moles in the military and figuring out the government is watching him right back. He also turns casualties and collateral damage back into human beings.


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