Mount Eerie No, that's not his Halloween costume. He's just shy. Alright?

MOUNT EERIE frontman Phil Elverum is a modern-day Dante, charting and mapping metaphysical terrain and explaining it precisely. This Halloween, he'll be bringing his wonderfully strange and intense musical gaze here to Portland town, playing two shows in a row, at the Artistery and Reed Chapel. Doubtlessly this is one of the most exciting things happening this season.

MERCURY: What does the holiday mean to you, specifically?

PHIL ELVERUM: Autumn weather, rotting leaves everywhere, soggy shit, people walking around in the street at night who would never do that otherwise, little kids dressed up as the weirdest things. I love this: People getting anonymous and going into their town in the dark and walking around to look at the other funny costumes and celebrating dark anonymity and not being afraid of the dark.

What's your most vivid Halloween memory?

I grew up out of town so we would always go to my great grandma's house in the old neighborhood in Anacortes. It was our home base for excellent trick or treating. A lot of old people. My vivid memory is just the feeling of being in her house right before going out trick or treating and feeling so excited to go out and see everyone else and be in town at night.

What can we expect from the Halloween shows?

I'm going to have this awesome band. I'm flying over my hardcore drummer friend Kjetil from arctic Norway and also Jason Anderson will play guitar. I'm hoping it will be an awesome, intense band. We are going to have practices and everything. Last time I played at Reed Chapel I dove into the drum set.