Helio Sequence CD Release
w/ Cobra High
Fri Oct 12

So everyone's depressed these days, asking, "What does it all mean?" Am I going to die in mass genocide when the al-Qaidas release a gallon of Anthrax juice on the US, and if so, what's the point of wearing uncomfortable nylons every day, or working on my novel? Yeah, it's kind of a shit sandwich out there--and oddly, before it came to this kind of catharsis, the boys in the Helio Sequence were debating "what the point of it all is," on their new CD, Young Effectuals.

Singer/guitarist Brandon Summers and keyboardist/drummer/singer Benjamin Weikel nod at the over-the-top '80s, with heavy keyboards and a spacey electronic, yet slightly psychedelic sound. Summers' vocals, for the most part, are pleasantly detached, and their lyrics come with a heavy dose of disenfranchisement--the J.D. Salinger sentiment of being a stranger among a world filled with phonies. In "nothing's ok: everything's fine," Summers sings, "brush his teeth, puts on his clothes, wash his face, walk out the door, does his job, don't say a word, makes boss smile, bad day is cured, when will he have something to say" In their world, the masses are robots, or corporate slaves: "There they go, I wonder if they know they're no one, there they are, little dots, watch out for those times you feel too cool with your big words gone, it's just thin ice you're walking on."

Their sound on Young Effectuals (a sincerely self-referential title that seems ironic when considering their lyrics) is similar to their previous disc, Com Plex, but more fuzzed and frustrated, sometimes merging the instrumentals and samples into one giant sound. It's as if, since Com Plex (where they sang about making a record), they've become more jaded, maniacally debating the absurdity of the everyday or the existential dilemma of life having no purpose. The lyrics are depressing, for sure, but the obvious work they put into the disc, including writing, recording, producing, and mastering, debates the question of whether everything is bullshit, because obviously they don't think their music is.