YEAH YEAH YEAHS Four out of five NYC hipsters grudgingly approve.
by Steven Lankenau

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Thurs April 24

Meow Meow

The one and only time I met Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O, she was getting ready to rock New York's Irving Plaza. She was ranting something about taking a "fucking spike-heeled fucking shoe and, like, fucking throwing it at the audience," or something, which I translated as, "I am going to be one bad-ass hardcore-bitch rockstar tonight." And she was--if you had any doubts that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were born to be rockstars, their live show will clear that up for ya.

On the release of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new album, Fever to Tell (Interscope) I went to Shakespeare and Company--the Village bookstore that will only hire people so indie it hurts--to see what NYC's hipsters think of NYC's hippest band:

Kristin, behind the front desk: "I think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are like, totally derivative of, like, every band that was ever fronted by a woman, ever. I think that Karen O is, like, derivative of every woman rockstar ever. Oh, except Stevie Nicks. I would really like to see her do Stevie Nicks."

Kate, bookstore merchandiser: "Well, I fully plan on making out with Karen O on a bed of Christian Joy clothing. And I hate anyone who uses the word 'derivative.'"

Sung Bin, the night manager, who pens the zine fear of music, and fronts the two-woman band '64 Worlds Fair: "You know, I never really got into them. But I love what they are doing for New York, putting the scene back on the map."

DJ, who dates Sung Bin, and plays in the band Dirty on Purpose: "Yeah, the Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs are okay. I mean, I've never seen them, but they're pretty okay."

Betty, the bag checker: "Whatever. It is all hype. And after a certain amount of hype you don't even know what you're listening to. I get tired of seeing a thousand Karen Os on my street in Williamsburg everyday. This scene is all about what you look like--being smug and lazy. Everyone says they're in a band, but where's the demo? Where's the show dates? At least the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are doin' that shit. You know?"