Pol Pop DJS

WHO: Like all the best spies, "Dignificant Worm," "Authenticity," and "Name Names" are alter egos for more nefarious characters, whose real names are simply too top-secret to divulge. But, like everyone else on earth, said alter egos are DJs. Do loose lips sink ships? Perhaps--but this band of miscreants were savvy enough to divulge a top-secret document of their play lists for their Pol Pop Dance Party (Wed Oct 1, Crystal Ballroom):

A Spinsation Sampler of The Dignificant Worm DJ:

1. Boney M

2. Funkadelic

3. Hot Chocolate

4. Diana Ross

5. OutKast

Five Disco Dance Designations by DeeJay Authenticity:

1. Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey

2. Tom Tom Club

3. Les Amazones

4. 95 South

5. ZZ Top

Proxy Muzik and Pol Pop as promulgated by the Disc Jock Name Names:


2. 1910 Fruitgum Company

3. Tanya Stephens

4. Christiane F.

5. DJ Assault

Hey super-secret spinnas: what's the most desirable trait in a DJ?

Dignificant Worm: "The DJ exudes no desirable trait."

DJ Authenticity: "When it comes to the DJ, desire doesn't come to mind."

DJ Name Names: "There is nothing desirable about a DJ; they are the lowest form of detritus." JULIANNE SHEPHERD